5 Things To Consider When Buying Vacuum Sealer Bags

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Every trip to the grocery store serves to remind you that food is an expense. And healthy food, while an investment, is worth keeping fresh.

That’s why many people purchase and utilize vacuum sealers; machines that remove all the air from a plastic bag and then seal the bag tight. Vacuum sealing keeps food fresher and ensures it lasts longer, by locking out air and locking in the vital nutrients in food.

One of the most important components is the bag used to hold the food. It has to be strong enough to withstand the heat used to seal it. It has to be thick enough to properly protect the food. It has to be long lasting.

So when looking for the best option, here are 5 things to consider when buying vacuum sealer bags.

  1. Is The Plastic Safe for Food?
  2. How Will You Use The Sealer Bags?
  3. Look For Generic Or Universal Brands
  4. Do You Want Sealer Rolls Or Pre-Cut Bags?
  5. Lower Cost Doesn’t Mean Lower Quality

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  1. Is The Plastic Safe for Food?

BPA Free

As we all become more aware of the potential danger of some types of plastic, choosing a plastic bag that’s food-safe becomes imperative.

Your vacuum sealer bags should be non-toxic and free of BPA, which stands for bisphenol A. This is an industrial chemical used to make certain plastics and resins found in polycarbonate plastics, which are often used for consumer goods. It’s not a good idea to heat polycarbonate plastics because heat may break them down and allow BPA to leach into foods.

Since vacuum sealers use heat to seal the bag, a BPA product is not recommended. A good quality vacuum sealer bag should also be suitable for use in the microwave, boiling, or be used for sous vide cooking, in which the food in the bag is cooked in a water bath.

So for your health and the health of your family and friends, you should be looking for BPA-free, food-quality plastic when choosing vacuum sealer bags.

A good example is Nutri-Lock Bags. All of the Nutri-Lock products are made from 100% BPA free, non-toxic material. And they’re produced in a factory approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

  1. How Will You Use The Sealer Bags?

Sous Vide

Will you be using the vacuum sealer bags to store fresh food, including meats? Are you a hunter who will be using them to store your fresh game? You want good quality sealer bags to ensure your meat and other food is sealed properly at the height of freshness, and lasts as long as it’s in the freezer.

Or perhaps you’re taking a foray into the method of sous vide cooking, and want everything to work perfectly. You don’t want a bag that will open in the water and spoil your meal.

Even for the new cook, a vacuum sealer bag can add to your kitchen prowess, by allowing you to marinade your meal in minutes. Sealing your food in an airtight vacuum sealer bag significantly speeds up the marinating process.

Nutri-Lock Bags are the ideal choice for any way you use your sealer. Nutri-Lock has a vacuum sealer bag or roll solution to suit your food saver, sous vide, marinade or storage needs, and for home or commercial use. Nutri-Lock food saver bags can also be used for boiling and in the microwave.

  1. Look For Generic Or Universal Brands

Universal Vacuum Sealer Bags

Some manufacturers will tell you that you can only use their brand of vacuum sealer bags in their vacuum sealer. That’s not entirely true.

It is true that some vacuum sealer bags are designed specifically for their parent vacuum sealer machine, making them incompatible with other machines.

And it is true that if you try to use one of those bags in a different machine, you can run into problems like a bag that doesn’t seal properly and the resulting mess on your hands.

But that doesn’t mean you have to buy only those types of vacuum sealer bags. They can be expensive, or hard to find.

Whatever your brand of machine, you do have options for bags that are made to be universal, also known as generic. They can be used in virtually any vacuum sealer machine.

The Nutri-Lock line of vacuum sealer bags and rolls are just that - universal, so they can be used in any clamp-style vacuum sealer machine. They’re easy to use, whether you choose the pre-cut bags or the sealer rolls. And, Nutri-Lock bags and rolls come with all the same features and benefits as the big, expensive brands, making them flexible and durable enough for any use at a fraction of the price.

  1. Do You Want Sealer Rolls Or Pre-Cut Bags?

Nutri-Lock Vac RollsNutri-Lock Vac Bags

It can be somewhat overwhelming to choose vacuum sealer bags, simply because of the number of options.

One of the biggest decisions is whether to buy:

  • Sealer rolls, similar to a roll of plastic wrap or aluminium foil, which have two sides that are sealed, or
  • Pre-cut bags, which are sealed on three sides.

The answer to this question could be a personal preference, or could depend on the vacuum sealer. Some sealers have a spot for storing a sealer roll right on the machine, making a roll a convenient choice.

Choosing a roll will also allow you to cut the bags to whatever size you like, restricted only to the width of the roll. This can reduce waste and save money.

But if you know what size you commonly use, pre-cut bags are a good option. They reduce the need to cut the rolls, and could allow you to work faster while your food is sitting on the counter. And if you’re packaging raw meat, using scissors and having to cut each bag could allow for food contamination.

With either option, there are also decisions around what size to buy. You may want a specific width to fit your machine, or you may want a choice of sizes.

With Nutri-Lock, you have the option of either style, or both types, and in a variety of sizes. 

So once you know whether you want rolls or bags, a good choice is to get a mix of sizes, like a two-pack of rolls in two different sizes - 11 inches wide and 8 inches wide, for instance. You can then cut to a custom size depending on the width you need.

If you prefer bags, you can choose pint, quart or gallon sizes, or a multi-pack with two sizes or even all three sizes.

Or, cover all the bases by purchasing a package of bags and a package of rolls. Particularly if you’re just getting started using your vacuum sealer, you can experiment to figure out what you like best, and get the Nutri-Lock quality with any choice.

  1. Lower Cost Doesn’t Mean Lower Quality 

Armor For Food

We’ve already put to rest the claim that only the manufacturer’s bags will fit their specific vacuum sealer. There are often claims by vacuum sealer manufacturers that their bags are the best quality, and all others just won’t do.

Unfortunately, those claims also come with a high price tag, as the brand name bags can be prohibitively expensive. You want to use the sealer as much as possible, to get the most value from preserving your food. So it’s worth buying quality, but that doesn’t have to come at a price.

The Nutri-Lock line of sealer bags and rolls are a better choice for your budget, without sacrificing quality. In fact, if you're paying more, you're throwing your money away. 

Nutri-Lock vacuum sealer rolls and bags are thick, flexible and durable. They provide similar quality as the big brands at an affordable price. It’s OK to buy less expensive vacuum sealer bags, when you choose the quality of Nutri-Lock Bags.

Here’s an example. The two-pack of 8-inch-wide rolls is currently 60% less than the big brand rolls, at only $16.99 instead of $44.99. And shipping is free in the United States.

And you can save even more. When you sign up for the VIP list you’ll save 10% off your next order. And there’s also a subscription program that allows you to save 10% every time and never run out of bags.

Final Thoughts

Vacuum sealer machines have been in use for a number of years, for both home and commercial use. They’re ideal for preserving fresh food, blanched vegetables for later use, fresh game, or meat purchased at the store.

As we become more concerned about the environment, reducing food waste is also becoming a priority.

Vacuum sealer bags are the most important accessory for your sealer, whether you’re saving food in the freezer, using the bags for sous vide cooking, marinating your meal, or planning to microwave the contents.

Nutri-Lock sealer bags and rolls are the ideal choice for all your vacuum sealer needs. They’re flexible and durable. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, at a price that’s superior to other choices. They cover all the bases in the 5 things to consider when buying vacuum sealer bags.

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