This was a great find.

I had bought a ziploc vacuum sealer awhile ago and it came with quite a few bags. We recently ran out and priced the OEM stuff and it was really expensive. This is a great alternative. Very easy to use. You seal one end and then cut to the length you need, add food and seal the other end. Works perfectly with our vacuum sealer.

Ouch. 14th December 2016

So far it’s been awesome. I have the Foodsaver-Gamesaver and the bags worked ...

I used your product on Thursday to freeze approx 300 lb of beef. So far it’s been awesome. I have the Foodsaver-Gamesaver and the bags worked well with it. I actually prefer your bags vs Foodsaver brand. Haven’t had anything frozen in them for any length of time yet but so far so good. I actually told friend about them and they plan to order and I will be purchasing more soon. Thanks so much for a great product!

Wendie J. Rhody. September 20, 2017

Right Answer!

Perfect at a great price point! The bags work great and I will order more when needed. The roll diameter is spot on - fits in the kitchen drawer perfectly after you toss out all the zip locks and wraps you no longer need

Barry. October 8, 2017


Keep Air Out/Lock Nutrients In

Nutri-Lock Bags has a vacuum sealer bag or roll solution to suit your food saver, sous vide or storage needs whether for home or commercial use. Vacuum sealed foods stay fresher for longer in our vac seal bags, save you time and money, and help reduce food waste. All of our products are made from 100% BPA free, non-toxic material in an FDA approved factory so they're safe for your food and anyone eating it. Our products also suit any clamp-style vacuum sealer machine and are easy to use. Our vacuum sealer rolls are ideal for when you want to cut to a custom size vac bag. Not just for freezing, Nutri-Lock food saver bags can also be used for boiling, sous vide and in the microwave. All of our vac seal rolls and vac seal bags are thick, flexible and durable, offering the same quality as the big brands but at an affordable price. Choose the healthy, easy, affordable yet high quality option for food storage and food prep, choose Nutri-Lock.